Python Script to calculate the Distance between two Lat/Lon Points

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Python Script to calculate the distance between two points from Lat/Lon Coordinates

IPython Notebook

How to use?

python 38.7436265 -9.1602036 52.5075419 13.4261418

is doin this for you:

Calculating Distance from 1600-046 Lisbon, Portugal to 10179 Berlin, Germany
Entfernung aus Pythagoras:          2331854.029m (ca. 2331km)
Entfernung aus Seitencosinus:       2314672.226m (ca. 2314km)
Berechnung über Pythagoras macht -17.18km (0.74%) Fehler.
'Distance.png' saved. Done.


The coordinates (Lat/Lon) have to be in Decimal Degrees, not in DD°mm'ssss''

What does this do?

Calculates the distance between two points with three different methods:


LatLon2Meter Error

Calculates the Error, made with Pythagoras instead of Haversine formula.

Error made while moving North/South

Error made while moving East/West